About company

The company «Megaball» works on the market of products for entertainment and recreation in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova and other countries since 2009 year. Six years of our work we have gained a wealth of experience, and we have expanded our range of our goods with 20 to 300 positions and able to satisfy the interests of the most demanding customers.

Our company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of inflatable, mechanical, water rides and other entertainment for adults and children and guarantees their quality.

We produce and support the operation of the product. Our project work in the Mall and amusement park!

In our work we cooperate with leading manufacturers from China and Ukraine.

The company «Megaball» is the team of professionals who care about the interests and the success of our clients and partners.

Working with us, you can get:

The best deals for open and expand your business including your, for all needs and budgets with fast return on investment.

Always high quality and reliable attractions and equipment that will delight you as owners and their customers

Flexible prices for partners and customers.

Individual approach to clients (for rent, credit).

Affordable and profitable credit that will ensure a rapid development of your business.

Detailed and accurate information on doing business with attractions (we have a permanent. place of amusement rentals).

Choosing us, you will get a reliable partner for your business.


Range of products:

- Inflatable trampoline complex «Dream Land» 6

- Inflatable trampoline complex «Zoo»

- Inflatable slide bouncer "UFO-2»

- Inflatable trampoline "Happy hop"

- Mechanical rides:

- Banjo 4-seater

- Mechanical bull "Rodeo"

- "Master"

- Park attractions:

- Game room maze from Madagascar

- Shooting range, model 3 x 6

- Shooting range, model 4 x 12

- "Angry birds" -2 pieces

- "Fishing-12»

- «Balls-8»

- «Luck factory»

- Swimming pool with water attractions "water balloons" and "Catamarans"

- Dry pool with plastic balls

- Recumbent

- Trampoline

- "Kangaroo"

- The level of force, "the Boxer," "execution", "hammers"

- Men's horizontal bar

Control system:

- Cashier-2 pieces

- Video-surveillance